DJI Matrice 300 RTK

  The new state-of-the-art industrial drone and its first hybrid camera series

A new standard for industrial drones.

Martice 300 RTK is a drone for industrial applications that is inspired by modern aviation systems. It offers up to 55 minutes of flight time, a maximum transmission range of up to 8 km, advanced AI functions, 6 directional and positioning sensors and many more. Matrice 300 RTK sets new standards, combining intelligence with unmatched performance and reliability.

Improved transmission system.

The new OcuSync Enterprise system enables image transmission up to 8 km and supports three-channel video preview in 1080p resolution. Automatic real-time band switching between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz improves flight safety in high-noise locations, while providing AES-256 encryption, which offers secure data transmission.

Attachment of many accessories.

Improved frame and powertrain design ensures more efficient and stable flight, even in difficult conditions. Configure your M300 RTK to suit your needs. Mount up to three accessories at the same time, with a maximum payload of up to 2.7 kg.

Smart inspections

The Matrice 300 RTK has many features that allow you to perform intelligent inspections. To automate your mission, you can create a flight template in which you can save parameters such as gimbal orientation, shutter aperture and use of the Zoom function. The AI Spot-Check intelligent conversion system recognizes the object of interest and identifies it in subsequent missions to ensure consistent data, while the Waypoints 2.0 function allows you to create up to 65,000 waypoints!

A powerful vision system you can rely on

For increased safety and flight stability, dual vision and TOF sensors are located on all six sides of the drone, offering a maximum detection range of up to 40m, with the ability to customize obstacle detection using the DJI Pilot app. Even in hostile operating environments, the 6-way sensing and positioning system helps keep the flight and mission safe.

Professional maintenance of the drone fleet.

The new integrated safety management system displays the current status of all devices in the system and allows you to use the troubleshooting guide. The system also includes drone flight logs, flight time and life cycle mileage, as well as operation and maintenance tips. In contrast, integrated redundancy systems help maintain the efficiency of all systems during difficult missions.


The new TB60 batteries have a large capacity and can be replaced during operation, without having to turn off the power, while the charging station allows you to quickly charge up to 8 drone batteries and 4 control equipment batteries. The D-RTK 2 high-precision GNSS station will enable centimeter measurement and positioning accuracy, and the CSM radar will provide additional detection efficiency in the range of 1 to 30 meters.

Intelligent applications

Especially for commercial users, the DJI Pilot app has been developed that allows you to take full advantage of the drone's capabilities. It optimizes flight conditions for better performance. Another application worth highlighting is DJI Flighthub, which enables drone operations management and supports large organizations in effective flight operations planning.

DJI, a global leader in civil drone and aerial imaging technology, today unveiled its most advanced commercial drone platform to date, the Matrice 300 RTK (M300 RTK) and the Zenmuse H20 series of multi-sensor hybrid cameras. DJI has created this comprehensive, cutting-edge solution to open up new possibilities and explore new avenues for precision area inspections and data collection missions.

"With the Matrice 300 RTK aerial platform and Zenmuse H20 camera series, we bring a safer and smarter solution to the table for our industrial customers," said Christina Zhang, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at DJI. "This solution sets a new standard for industrial drone series and significantly enhances various public safety, law enforcement, surveying and mapping operations, as well as critical infrastructure inspections, among others."

DJI MATRICE 300 RTK - Redefining the standards for industrial drones

The M300 RTK is DJI's first product to bring together modern aviation features, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, 6-way positioning and sensing system, status management system and an impressive flight time of 55 minutes[1]. The platform includes, in addition to AES-256 encryption and IP45 protection level, the new OcuSync Enterprise transmission system, with 1080p triple-channel video transmission[2][3] and a range of 15 km[4]. More versatile than ever, the M300 RTK can operate three tools at the same time and has a payload capacity of up to 2.7 kg. "For our teams working in the oil and gas industry, performance and safety is ideal. We can't afford to compromise our goal of using the best and most efficient tools available," said Adam Serblowski, Robotics Leader in Surveillance Robotics at Shell." The DJI Matrice 300 RTK proves to be an improved option over the existing DJI product line and helps us further enhance the benefits of our drone programs. Our productive collaboration with DJI will continue to help elevate safety in the world's largest industry."

Advanced intelligence for more efficient data collection

The solution formed by the combination of the M300 RTK and the Zenmuse H20 series offers users two intelligent ways to collect data:

    Intelligent marking and tracking: [5] Intelligent features that enhance aerial information communication in coordinated missions. Includes: PinPoint, a feature that allows users to pinpoint a target of interest and immediately share its location with a second operator or with teams on the ground via DJI FlightHub; Smart Track, which makes it possible to detect and follow a moving target even over long distances and communicate its location in real time.

    Intelligent inspections: A new set of functions developed to optimize missions that include data collection such as power line, railroad, pipeline and oil and gas pipeline inspections. It includes: Live Mission Recording to record templates in real-time automated missions; AI-Spot Check[6] which can collect data from the same exact location on all flights, greatly improving the accuracy of automated missions. Operators will be able to use photos from a sample trajectory mission to mark the target of their choice. In subsequent automatic flight missions, AI algorithms will compare the marked subject to what the live camera sees and correct the camera position for accurate and consistent results; Trajectory 2.0: an enhanced mission planning system that can set up to 65, 535 waypoints and a wide variety of actions to perform, compatible with third-party instruments.

 All the information you need

Drawing inspiration from modern aircraft, the M300 RTK includes a Flight Main Display (PFD) that presents camera view and navigation data on a single screen.  In addition to standard telemetry data such as altitude and speed, the M300 RTK's PFD displays data on detected obstacles so pilots can adjust their route if necessary. With these enhancements, users can stay aware of what is happening around them without taking their attention away from the aircraft.

More power in your hands

The M300 RTK is DJI's first commercial drone with advanced dual control mode, whose multi-pilot control protocols enhance mission safety, reliability and flexibility. When two pilots are controlling the M300 RTK, both pilots have equal priority in taking control of the flight and can be transferred from one to the other through a series of icons in the DJI Smart Controller Enterprise. If one pilot has an unforeseen event or his remote control runs out of battery or loses connection, the other pilot can take control of the M300 RTK and its instruments. In addition, when training new pilots, the lead pilot or teacher can take over the flight when necessary.

Improved safety and reliability

The M300 RTK includes new safety and reliability enhancements such as:

    AES-256 encryption: for a more secure transmission, both when sending controls and receiving video.
    AirSense (ADS-B technology): For increased airspace security.

    Anti-collision beacon: For better visibility, especially in poor lighting conditions.

    IP45 protection and self-heating batteries: To work under adverse weather conditions (from -20 to 50ºC).

    Positioning and detection system in 6 directions: Provides a detection range of 40 m horizontally, with the ability to customize the aircraft's detection behavior through DJI Pilot.

Like modern aircraft, the M300 RTK includes an aircraft health management system (UHMS) to optimize fleet maintenance. It records the drone's flight information throughout its lifetime and uses the hardware and software to gain a clear view of the aircraft's current performance and future serviceability. Users can take advantage of this new system and have a quick overview of all critical systems, manage firmware updates for their entire fleet, track pilot flight hours and review flight missions.

 DJI Zenmuse H20 Series - All the sensors you need, in one

To meet the new standards set by the M300 RTK, DJI has introduced new cameras that will dramatically improve mission efficiency. The Zenmuse H20 series offers the first hybrid multi-sensor solution, enabling the capture of all types of imagery for industrial and public safety missions where effective time management and immediate access to multiple layers of vision are critical. The H20 series is IP44-rated, so its interior is protected from splashing water in any direction.

The H20 series will have two versions: the H20 has a triple sensor with 20 MP, 23x hybrid optical zoom, 12 MP wide angle and a laser rangefinder with a range of 3 to 1200 meters. The H20T has a quad sensor, adding to the above a radiometric thermal sensor so that operators can see what escapes the human eye thanks to its high thermal sensitivity and 30 fps video.

An integrated user interface for more convenient operation

It took a complete redesign of the DJI Pilot interface to allow pilots to use all sensors at once. Now pilots will be able to quickly switch between cameras with a few keystrokes, and the process of zooming in and out is simplified so they can preview a zoomed-in view on top of the wide-angle or thermal-view video.

Maximum flexibility thanks to fast capture modes

Thanks to the integrated multi-sensor design of its user interface, the Zenmuse H20 series allows you to switch between wide-angle, zoom and thermal vision with agility. This is complemented by even more features to offer maximum flexibility for time-sensitive missions.

    High-Res Grid Photo: Capture detailed images of specified subjects with a single touch using a custom grid. Images can be saved for closer inspection at a later date.
    One-click capture: Capture video or photos from up to three cameras at once without having to manually cycle through your camera views or repeat the mission.
    Night Scene: Improves visibility in poor lighting conditions.

[1]Actual flight time will vary depending on environment and stabilizer configuration.

[2]Each remote control has two channels. The triple channel is only used with two remote controls.

[3]It depends on the tools connected to the drone.

[4] Unobstructed, no interference, according to FCC standards. Transmission range depends on the power and resilience of the radio signal. Always fly your drone within line of sight, unless otherwise permitted.

[5]This function is only possible when a Zenmuse H20 series camera is installed on the aircraft.

[6]This function is only possible when a Zenmuse H20 series camera is installed on the aircraft.


Pricing and Availability
The M300 RTK and Zenmuse H20 series are available for pre-order through official DJI Enterprise dealers and will begin shipping in the second quarter of 2020. More information can be requested from the sales department or by calling 911373107.


DJI Assistant 2 For Matrice windows

DJI Assistant 2 For Matrice Mac

Zenmuse H20T

Optical zoom x 23. Maximum zoom 200x (digital). 1/1.7 CMOS sensor and 20 MP. Wide-angle 24mm (DFOV:82.9º) 12 MP camera. Laser rangefinder with a maximum range of 1,200 m. 640 × 512 px radiometric thermal camera. 4K/ 30 fps video.
* 1 Days - 19 H Spain.. Other country Ask Sales Dep.


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Zenmuse L1

Zenmuse L1
STOCK AVAILABLE - NOT AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE SALE CONTACT WITH: The Zenmuse L1 integrates a Livox Lidar module, a high-precision IMU and a 1-inch CMOS camera into a stabilised 3-axis gimbal. When used with Matrice 300 RTK and DJI Terra, the L1 forms a complete solution that gives you real-time 3D data around the clock, efficiently capturing...
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Zenmuse L1 RF

Zenmuse L1RF
Zenmuse L1 RF
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Zenmuse P1

Zenmuse P1
45 MP full frame sensor. Covers 7.5 km2 in a single working day. Intelligent Oblique Capture to take photos at different angles as needed. Can take a photo every 0.7s, covering 3km2 in a single flight. Captures centimetre-accurate data. Can be equipped with 24/ 35/ 50 mm lenses. Mechanical shutter 1/2000. Intelligently manages and stores data and...
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Zenmuse H20

Zenmuse H20
AVAILABLE STOCK For information and sales, contact
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PREORDER 90 DAYS A large 7" high brightness display that supports dual-mode operation.

BS65 Smart Battery Station

Estación de baterías inteligentes BS65
BS65 Smart Battery Station
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DJI Maintenance service Premium Plan Matrice 300

DJI Maintenance service Plan Premium Matrice 300
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TB65 Intelligent Flight Battery

Batería de vuelo inteligente TB65
TB65 Intelligent Flight Battery PREORDER 30 DAYS
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DJI Maintenance service Standard Plan Matrice 300

DJI Maintenance service Plan Standard Matrice 300 RTK
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DJI X-Port

DJI X-Port
High-precision 3-axis gimbal Integrates all functions of PSDK 2.0 Customizable gimbal parameters Supports Mounting in the Upward-facing Gimbal Slot Customizable channels for remote controller buttons Can be controlled directly through DJI Pilot app, MSDK and OSDK
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Drone Technical Inspection Matrice 300 RTK

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Matrice 300 Series 2110 Propeller

Hélices 2110 para la serie Matrice 300
Genuine propellers standards for Matrice 300 RTK drones
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FL48 Flashing Light

FL48 Luz intermitente
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M300 Parachute

Cytop M300 Parachute
Automatically stop pulp through OSDK when opening the umbrella Obtain drone data through OSDK Information backup of two sets of core sensors Automatically stop pulping and open umbrella 3-step quick installation Can open the umbrella remotely Built-in umbrella warehouse environment monitoring, maintenance-free for two years under normal conditions...

MP140 Speaker

Altavoz MP140
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Alquiler equipos
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CZi C30N

CZi C30N
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Renting equipos
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FT10 flamethrowe

Lanzaflamas FT10
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