DJI X-Port
DJI X-Port
DJI X-Port
DJI X-Port

DJI X-Port

DJI X-Port
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DJI X-Port


DJI X-Port is a high-precision 3-axis gimbal, it enables developers to create third-party payloads that best match DJI flight platforms using DJI' s pioneering gimbal technology.


High-precision 3-axis gimbal

Integrates all functions of PSDK 2.0

Customizable gimbal parameters

Supports Mounting in the Upward-facing Gimbal Slot

Customizable channels for remote controller buttons

Can be controlled directly through DJI Pilot app, MSDK and OSDK


1. The dimension and structure design of the payploads must meet the requirements in the user manual.

2. In the development stage, you need to use Payload SDK Development Kit 2.0 with X-Port together.

In The Box

DJI X-Port × 1

Protective Cover × 1

Primary Arm Mounting Screw × 5

Secondary Arm Mounting Screw × 1

Secondary Arm Sleeve × 1

Secondary Arm Plug × 1


Matrice 200 Series V2

M300 RTK

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