Inspecting solar farms with drones is not a simple flying task. The process involves detailed planning and a thorough knowledge of the area to be inspected. There are multiple steps required to carry out a successful inspection.

A drone's ability to cover long distances and provide high-resolution aerial imagery has enabled many companies to optimize their efficiency when performing dangerous or time-consuming tasks. Drones have provided solar farm managers with accurate data through new technological developments, such as thermal sensors, ensuring that routine operations are carried out more efficiently.
Companies in the energy sector are combining cutting-edge technology with drones to increase the efficiency of their power plant operations, and drones play a key role in their quest to provide reliable and affordable power to their customers.


UTC SERVICES is a company that provides aerial drone inspection services in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

Due to the needs of the market and its continuous specialization, we expanded our branch of activity and launched a sector-specific training providing our trainees with a professional UAS application training program.

The Photovoltaic Solar Energy training course is aimed at all professional pilots who wish to broaden their knowledge and become experts in this sector of activity.

In 2021, we have more than 200 students, national security forces and other professionals who wish to perfect their knowledge in the use of drone technology. Our instructors will provide the necessary tools to understand what is the thermography of a solar photovoltaic plant, how to plan flights or missions, use the latest DJI enterprise platforms (Matrice 300 with H20T camera, Matrice 210 with XT2 camera and Mavic Enterpise Advanced) for the acquisition of RGB and IR data, having at hand all the keys to perform their work autonomously.


For the creation of this course, we have gathered our years of theoretical and practical experience to generate a content that covers all the areas that an experienced pilot in this sector should know:

1.    Knowledge of the anomalies that may appear in a thermographic report
2.    Flight planning to meet market requirements and adapted to different types of technology (fixed structure, 1-axis tracker or 2-axis trackers).
3.    Organization of a working day and the necessary material for the realization of solar mega-projects.

4.    Risk assessment and how to deal with efficient flights.

Finally, to be knowledgeable in the sector in which one wants to evolve and to have sufficient technical skills and flying expertise to be able to be autonomous and confident in the development of one's work.


Our faculty is formed by a panel of professionals who will guide each course member in the understanding and assimilation of the concepts necessary to perform the different aspects of the work of an expert pilot in the solar photovoltaic energy sector.


Instructor and ITC Level III Thermographer

With more than 10 years of experience in the thermography sector and a long trajectory of works carried out in the different fields of application of this technology.

He will share with our students:

the necessary knowledge and expertise in the application of thermography applied to photovoltaic solar energy.



He is a partner of the SMARTGO chain, specializing in the sale of DJI equipment and associated planning software.c

He will share with our students:

How to set up and use flight planning software for field work execution.


DJI Support Center Manager

Qualified by the DJI brand itself, he is today one of the most experienced specialists in the maintenance of DJI aircraft in Spain.

He will share with our students:

Your know-how on actions to implement, practical advice and fundamental keys to properly maintain your aircraft and its components.

DJI Enterprise Solutions Manager

Expert in DJI's Enterprise range and the operation of DJI's newest platforms.

He will share with our students:

His in-depth knowledge of the technical specifications, functionalities, sensors and limitations of each aircraft.

Solar PV expert and UAS pilot

A track record of more than 10 years in the world of renewable energies and a UAS pilot for more than 5 years.

He will share with our students:

Your flying expertise and how to organize yourself for a day's work on a solar PV asset.


The training is given over 3 days, during which all the keys to know how to evaluate, manage and execute a job in a solar photovoltaic power plant will be given. UTC SERVICES' training courses integrate a reduced number of students for a dynamic and personalized experience. The course is structured combining theory and practice allowing participants to experience and perfect all the skills necessary for the use of each aircraft.

Continuous learning is the key to job success, we provide you with the training to become a great professional!

Inspección de Plantas solares, eficiencia y más

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