Matrice 300 Series BS60 Intelligent...

Matrice 300 Series BS60 Intelligent battery station

M300 BS TB60
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General Description

The portable and easy-to-use BS60 battery station can be used for charging, storing and transporting batteries. It allows four drone batteries and four remote control batteries to be charged at the same time, for trouble-free changing during operation. It can be conveniently transported thanks to its trolley design. The battery station requires a 220-240V power supply. It needs approximately 60 minutes to fully charge two TB60 intelligent flight batteries and 30 minutes to charge them to 20~90% capacity.

The battery station is only compatible with TB60 smart flight batteries and WB37 smart batteries. Therefore, do not use it to charge other batteries.
Package contents

1 battery station

1 power cable

Dimensions: 510 × 403 × 252 mm (510 × 403 × 252 mm)

Weight without battery: 8.37 kg (18 lbs)

Maximum load: 12 kg (26 lbs)

Charging time:

100-120 V: 70 min

220-240 V: 60 min

Maximum input power: 1070 W

Operating temperature: -20 ~ +40 °C (-68 ~ +104 °F)

Matrice 300 RTK

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