FT10 flamethrowe

FT10 flamethrowe

Lanzaflamas FT10

For price and availability of this product please contact our sales department: industrial@djiarsmadrid.com

The new generation FT10 flamethrower uses alcohol as fuel. The new high power laser aiming system keeps the target fixed while the flamethrower is operating. The integrated adjustable pressure system adapts to the emission distance of 3 to 7 metres. Designed to remove obstacles from power lines, it ensures stable and reliable transmission of electricity.

Size: 785x158x230

Weight: 1.9Kg empty, 3.1Kg full

Compatible fuel: Alcohol 95%

Maximum capacity: 1,5L

Adjustable tilt: +/-15º Tilt, +/-20º Pan

Distance: between 3 and 7 meters

Compatible with: Matrice 300RTK
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