Air pollution measuring system...
Air pollution measuring system...
Air pollution measuring system...
Air pollution measuring system...

Air pollution measuring system SoftBlue AirDron

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Air pollution measuring system SoftBlue AirDron

Battery charging: 12-26 VDC/230 VAC charger,
Power: built-in 2S 7.4V lithium-ion battery or directly from the UAV, UAV
from the UAV,
Operating time: up to 6 hours,
Housing: anodised aluminium,
Telemetry: communication with ground control station in ISM: 433 MHz
in ISM: 433 MHz, 868 MHz,
Sampling method: forced electrical with pump,
Dust analysis: PM1, PM2.5, PM10,
Gas analysis: up to 5 selected gases,
VOC or LEL analysis: concentration of volatile organic compounds, VOC and flammable gases
volatile organic compounds and flammable gases,
Optional sensors: temperature, barometric pressure,
Data storage: micro SD card, data storage of measurement data, including GPS location
measurement data, including GPS location,
I/O: power supply, USB, antennas, micro SD card,
Drone integration: with DJI SkyPort,
System expansion: additional modules: GSM, LEDs, lamps, OSD, radiation detector, etc.
lamps, OSD, radiation detector,
Data display: Measured data is displayed at the ground control station or online.
ground control station or online with the dedicated website,
Dimensions: 200 x 156 x 60mm,
Weight: from 1200g, depending on version.

Compatible with: DJI Matrice 200, 210, 300 and 600 series

The SoftBlue AirDron air pollution level measurement system is a custom-made anti-smog sensor. The offer will be presented taking into account the customer's needs and guidelines. The product photos, due to the configurable housing types, are for illustrative purposes only.

SoftBlueAirDron – air quality monitoring system

AirDron is a top level air quality testing system, designed and manufactured in Research and Development Centre of SoftBlue. The system provides analysis of the air composition and measurement of the content of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and detecting the presence of harmful gases.

AirDron anti-smog probe head is available in a various configurations. Please contact out customer advisor to select the optimal equipment setup (e.g. selection of gas sensors).

Flexible system, multiple use

The cutting edge anti-smog sensor system offered by SoftBlue is designed to be mounted on anunmanned aerial vehicle (drone). Butit can also operate autonomously e.g. as a part of a mobile air lab’s equipment in a ground vehicle.
As a professional anti-smog probe head AirDron provides air quality monitoring in real time. It’s deployment together with an Enterprise class platform, e.g. DJ Matrice series, allows the operator to fly to hard-to-reach places and identify emitters of harmful substances, as well as measure the concentration of toxic compounds and dust. AirDron anti-smog system is able to collect gas samples for further analysis in the laboratory.

Why should you choose the AirDron anti-smog probe head?

Sample analysis in real time
Innovative system of air composition testing provides reliable data on detected substances in real time. Therefore the AirDron anti-smog probe head enables the instant and precise assessment of the air quality in the tested area. People conducting the inspection are able to take the readings safely, maintaining the distance from the source of gases, which may contain harmful elements and compounds.

Versatile assembly

The weight of the probe head (from a minimum of 1.2 kg to a maximum of 2 kg) allows for various mounting options on many types of multicopters - both available on the market and custom built.

The system communicates wirelessly with ground control station which – by dedicated software – provides visual presentation of data and allows the operator to control probe’s work. Remote control is available on laptops or tablets with Windows 10 operating system.

Precise pollution measurement

Particle matter concentration is measured by the use of light scattering photometry. The sensors are able to determine particle size and particle fractions PM1, PM2,5 and PM10.

The particles’ size is determined in 16 measurement ranges. It provides precise assessment of the individual dust fractions. Gas sensors are chosen accordingly to customers needs and requests. Not only measured factors but also accuracy and measuring ranges are considered.

Product of Poland

AirDron anti-smog system is a professional implement manufactured in Poland. It’s been designed and developed by the engineers’ team of theResearch and Development Centre of the innovation company SoftBlue. AirDron contains innovative components. All maintenance and calibration services are performed by the manufacturer.
For every purchased device the customer is provided with the Calibration Certificate, issued by the Research and Development Centre of SoftBlue.

Data record security

Bearing in mind the security of the collected measurement results, SoftBlue has equipped the anti-smog probe head with a double data recording system (the data is saved on a MicroSD card as well as in a dedicated application).

Reliable quality

The system notifies the user about technical details, such as sensor wear, the need to recalibrate or to replace a sensor. This service allowsthe operator to stay in control of the situation and perform tests according to the schedule.

Características del producto

•    Polish anti-smog system built of innovative components,
•    calibrationcertificate,
•    bulit-in Li-ion battery,
•    wireless communication in the ISM band: 433 MHz, 868 MHz,
•    measurement of particulate matter PM1, PM2.5, PM10,
•    measurement of the concentration of 5 selected gases (e.g. CH2O, HCl, HCN, NH3 and H2S),
•    measurement of the concentration of volatile organic compounds  (VOC) or flammable gases (LEL),
•    temperature, pressure and humidity measurement,
•    gassensors’ readingscompensation,
•    sample bag for further detailed laboratory tests of the air (as an option),
•    air sample intake by forced air flow (electric),
•    air suction directly to the gas sensor chamber,
•    results recorder with a GPS position marker, that allows the operator to create air pollution maps,
•    dedicated software for ground control station with multiple functionalities– including creating maps and charts,
•    optional additional modules: GSM, LED lamps, On-Screen Display”, radiation sensor.

Example of sensors:

  • HCHO formaldehyde
  • HCl hydrogen chloride
  • Cl2 chlorine
  • CO carbon monoxide
  • CO2 carbon dioxide
  • HCN hydrogen cyanide
  • H2S hydrogen sulfide
  • SO2 sulfur dioxide
  • NH3 ammonia
  • NO2 nitrogen dioxide
  • NO nitrogen oxide
  • H2 hydrogen
  • PH3 phosphorus hydrogen
  • O2 oxygen
  • ClO2 chlorine dioxide
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Technical data:

  • Weight -    Up from 1200 g
  • Dimensions -    200 /156/ 60 mm
  • Operating time -     Up to 6h  (baterry); unlimited (external power source)
  • Communication - ISM 433 MHz / 868 MHz or by wire
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