TH4 V2 Throwing Hook

TH4 V2 Throwing Hook

Gancho lanzador TH4 V2

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TH4 V2 Throwing Hook

TH4 Throwing hook, 310g dead weight, 40kg payload, can complete four missions in a single flight. DJI SkyPortV2.0 interface can be directly
mounted on DJI M210V2 and M300RTK UAV for use in emergency rescue, material delivery and other work.

Model: TH4 V2
Maximum height: 97mm
(Included Cover)
Maximum diameter: 78mm
Weight: 310g±5g

1. It can mount 4 projectiles at the same time
and make them in turn
2. Digital picture tube can display the loading
3. The maximum load is 20KG, and the maximum
load of single throw hook is 10KG (the actual load
is subject to the UAV load).
4. Fast disassembly and installation can be

Working temperature: -20—40 ℃
Port Type: DJI SKYPORT V2.0
Control mode: DJI PSDK
Controllable distance: DJI PSDK control mode is consistent with DJI PSDK link

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