Osmo Pro Combo

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Create with more freedom and greater fidelity than ever before with the Osmo Pro. Based on the Osmo with its compact size and revolutionary stabilization performance, the Osmo Pro allows you to use a Zenmuse X5 camera for incredible clarity and unbeatable dynamic range thanks to your M4 / 3 sensor.


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Record 4K video and take 16 megapixel photos and choose from a wide range of lenses thanks to the standard MFT mount with interchangeable lenses. This allows you to record professional video even while moving in tight spaces. For greater flexibility, you can use it with the DJI Focus, our Follow Focus system and control the camera remotely, or do it through the DJI GO application.
What is included in this combo:

Osmo - Handgrip × 1

Zenmuse X5 × 1

Osmo - X5 Adapter × 1

Osmo Pro - Transport case × 1

Osmo - Universal frame × 1

Osmo support for the phone × 1

Osmo - DJI FM-15 × 1 flexible microphone

Osmo - External Battery Extender × 1

Osmo - Smart Battery (High Capacity) × 4

Osmo - Quadruple charging system (Excluded adapter) × 1

Osmo - 57W Power adapter × 1

Osmo - Pro / Raw Wired Video Adapter

Osmo Pro Combo

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