Training: GPR advanced module (GPR-3)

Training: GPR advanced module (GPR-3)

Formación: Módulo avanzado GPR (GPR-3)
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Training: GPR advanced module (GPR-3)


Training: GPR advanced module (GPR-3)

Training for users of UgCS Integrated Systems/GPR wishing to dive deeper.

Can be provided at the SPH Engineering office or using video conferencing software.

Duration: up to 8 hours.

The price is for a group of up to 4 students.

Training outline:

  • What causes GPR signal reflections

  • Soil properties that can cause a reflection (dielectric contrast)

  • How to calculate GPR signal propagation speed

  • Advanced GPR data processing and interpretation in Prism 2

  • Differences between data recorded with a GPR mounted on a UAV vs. on the ground recorded data

  • Dead zone of low-frequency radars in detail – how we should take that into account when we select the type of GPR and right altitude for a given task

  • Survey planning

  • Data interpretation exercises using our collection of demo data

  • Terrestrial surveys

  • Practical exercise or remote support.

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