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Seaflyer blue
Seaflyer blue

Seaflyer blue

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Its unique design makes it float easily and is very simple to use.



- 60 minutes operating time (1st speed) and 40 mins (2nd speed)

- 2 speed 3.7 and 6.6 km/h

- 45 metres maximum depth

- Charging time 3 hours

- Ultra-light 3.6 kg

- Dimensions: 510 x 167 x 275 mm

- Note: For children and adults, minors must be accompanied by adults

- It is possible to buy an additional battery



It comes with the package:

- Scooter SeaFlyer 1.0

- Battery

- Charger

- Anti-Lost Lanyard

- Manual



A lot of power:

- Powerful jets of water with hydrodynamic thrust improve your maneuverability on the water

- Struts are angled to push the water flow away from the swimmer to ensure softness and comfort

- Speed, depth and temperature chart:

- The OLED board provides sensor data such as speed level, depth, temperature and battery status



How it works:

- Easy to set up: Simply place the battery in the battery compartment and attach the cover, then you're ready to go

- To start SeaFlyer, unlock the safety lock and press the button on both handles, SeaFlyer will start automatically

- Swimming for periods of up to 60 minutes on a single charge

- SeaFlyer uses technologies such as positive buoyancy which makes it float automatically and battery short circuit protection.

- Equipped with an anti-loss lanyard

- Water and rust resistant

  Silent 50 decibel engine, you will enjoy the company of the underwater world without disturbing it

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