Mavic 2 Fly More Kit Part1

Mavic 2 Fly More Kit Part1

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General description

The Mavic 2 Fly Plus Kit includes two Intelligent Flight Batteries, a Mavic 2 car charger, a battery charging port, a battery adapter for external battery, silent propellers and a Mavic 2 messenger bag. It is a complete set with everything you need to record.

Each of the two Intelligent Flight Batteries has a capacity of up to 59.29 Wh and provides a max. of flight of 31 minutes. With an integrated DJI smart battery management system, it is possible to monitor the battery status in real time. So you can worry less about the load levels and focus on enjoying an epic flight.

The Mavic 2 car charger allows you to charge batteries while driving. It has a maximum output power of 80 W and has protection against low voltages that ensures that the car is not discharged until it can start.

The battery charging port represents an efficiency improvement when charging the batteries in the order of their current charge level, giving priority to the most charged batteries. Thanks to the folding design of the battery charging port, you can take it with you wherever you go. You can use up to four charging slots when using it with the car charger or the battery charger.

The external battery-powered battery adapter converts your Intelligent Flight Batteries into high-capacity external batteries. All battery adapters with external battery have two USB Type-A ports, which offer a dual output of 10 W with which you can charge your phone using only 20% of a battery.

The Kit also includes two pairs of silent propellers. These last generation propellers have an aerodynamic design with which they achieve a quieter flight, greater efficiency and a longer flight time.

The versatile Mavic 2 shoulder bag is specially designed for the Mavic 2. It can carry an aircraft, a remote control, four Smart Flight Batteries, a phone, additional propellers, ND filters, cables, microSD cards and many other accessories.

 Notable features

Several Intelligent Flight Batteries for a longer flight
Charge the battery while driving
Turn your batteries into external batteries
Propellers with noise reduction for a quieter flight
A versatile bandolier to carry everything.
Packing content

Intelligent Flight Batteries × 2
Mavic 2 car charger
Battery charging port × 1
Battery adapter with external battery × 1
Noise reduction propellers (Pairs) × 2
Mavic 2 × 1 Messenger Bag

Mavic 2 Pro
Mavic 2 Zoom

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