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DJI Osmo Mobile SE
DJI Osmo Mobile SE
DJI Osmo Mobile SE
DJI Osmo Mobile SE
DJI Osmo Mobile SE
DJI Osmo Mobile SE
DJI Osmo Mobile SE

DJI Osmo Mobile SE

DJI Osmo Mobile SE
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DJI Osmo Mobile SE



DJI Osmo Mobile SE



Create magnetic moments

Deploy, snap and start recording.The Osmo Mobile SE's lightweight, foldable body and magnetic quick-release design make carrying and capturing on the go easier than ever.With the new status panel, you can switch stabilizer modes with the push of a button.A suite of smart features helps you record and highlight moments dynamically, to add a creative touch to whatever you want to capture.

Three-axis stabilization

Magnetic design

Foldable and portable
ActiveTrack 5.0
Easy tutorials and one-touch editing
Fast rotation

Videos that fit

Whether it's a last-minute goal or a baby's first steps, you'll always be ready.Simply attach your smartphone, snap it onto the stabilizer and start recording.The stabilizer and magnetic phone clamp can be detached, allowing you to [attach or detach] to make a call and share that exciting news.

Shooting is easy when the stabilization is steady

High-precision brushless motor

Osmo Mobile SE is equipped with a small, high-torque brushless motor, which allows the stabilizer to respond to slight variations, even when compensating for the weight of [large or heavy] smartphones.[1]

Three-axis stabilization

With a new generation of control algorithms, Osmo Mobile SE executes [real-time compensation] based on the stabilizer's position, to reduce camera shake and enable incredibly smooth videos.

Features that make your smartphone even smarter

ActiveTrack 5.0

A spinning ballerina or an unruly pet are no problem for [ActiveTrack 5.0].With a newly optimized algorithm, your stabilizer can track stably at even longer distances, while keeping the target in the center of the frame.ActiveTrack can even resume tracking quickly if something briefly blocks the target and it re-enters the shot.


Osmo Mobile SE supports Timelapse, Motionlapse and Hyperlapse, with easy Motionlapse templates already built in, to synthesize highlight clips into stunning videos.




Set the camera and focus on the scenery. While you enjoy, Osmo Mobile SE creates a timelapse so you can take the view with you.

Program the stabilizer path and add dynamic camera movement for your timelapse.

Whether you're strolling or looking out the car window at the scenery, with Hyperlapse you can condense the motion into a wonderful memory.

Endless creative ideas

Are your videos missing that special something?

Let Osmo Mobile SE take care of it.


Move the zoom slider to zoom in or out, and give your shot a sense of depth, compression and epic stretching of time and space.

Gesture control
Want to take a group shot without leaving anyone out? want to record yourself performing, but don't have anyone to press the button? start or stop recording in front of the lens with a simple hand gesture.

Amazing landscapes shouldn't be captured in parts.Panorama is here to take in that whole view with a single swipe of the camera.Stuck?use CloneMe Panorama to take photos of yourself in multiple places at once and get a mind-blowing effect.

Story Mode
Story mode offers several templates with corresponding camera movements, transitions, soundtracks and more, so users can share engaging videos with just one touch.Customizable templates are also available.It's your video.You're in charge.

Shooting scenarios

Create as soon as inspiration strikes

Horizontal and vertical

With Quick Rotation, it's easy to transition between horizontal recording for longer videos and vertical recording for shorter content, and with Tripod mode, record at fixed angles in any orientation.Whether you're shooting a video blog around town or preparing a tutorial at home, you'll have all the flexibility you need.

Intuitive mode check

With the new integrated status panel, you can conveniently check the battery level, system status indicator and stabilizer mode.With a single press of the M button, you can easily switch between the four stabilizer modes, to instantly elevate the level of your content.



In Tracking mode, the camera view follows the pan and tilt movements of the stabilizer and remains stable when rotating; this mode is suitable for shooting up, down and diagonally.


Fixed tilt

The camera view only follows the panning movements of the stabilizer and remains stable when tilting and rotating; ideal for recording horizontally or moving around a target.



In FPV mode, the three axes of the stabilizer follow the movement of the main body; this is great for dynamic recording of fixed targets, such as monuments, buildings or statues.



Move the joystick left or right to control the rotation of the camera view and create dynamic videos.Perfect for recording forward or backward movement, or from high angles.


Recording and editing assistance

A filmmaker in you

With ShotGuides, you can choose from a set of shooting guides to suit your scene. Simply follow the instructions to shoot like a pro.


With Osmo Mobile SE, you can jump from the DJI Mimo app to the LightCut app, which features AI-based one-touch editing and a range of unique video templates.From recording to image processing, it's a one-step solution for new creators.


Much more than a supporting role

DJI OM fill light phone clamp

With three color temperatures: cool, warm and mixed; and three brightness levels, you'll be ready to combat bad lighting wherever you go.



1.Compatible with smartphones with a weight of 230 ± 60 g and a width of 67-84 mm.

2.LightCut is a smartphone editing app recommended by DJI.

3.Sold separately.

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