DJI F550 Hexa Kit ARF
DJI F550 Hexa Kit ARF
DJI F550 Hexa Kit ARF

DJI F550 Hexa Kit ARF

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Frame and E300 (6 * Motor / ESC; 5 pair accessories; accessory package) Hexa Kit

The tuned propulsion system of the E series is the first energy solution of this type for the multi-rotor industry. It provides greater aerodynamic efficiency and a greater thrust weight ratio, while increasing reliability, stability and agility.

Recommended load 300 g / axle
Maximum thrust 600 g / shaft
Working temperature -5 ° C ~ 40 ° C
Recommended 3S LiPo battery
Units per Quad or Hexa package
Current 15 A OPTO
Signal frequency 30 Hz ~ 450 Hz
Voltage 11.1 V ~ 14.8 V
3S ~ 4S LiPo battery
Stator size 22 × 12 mm
KV 920 rpm / V
Weight 50 g
Diameter / thread pitch 24 × 11 cm 9.4 × 4.3 inches 33 × 11 cm 12 × 4.2 inches

9.4 * 4.3 "rotor

Representing the state of the art in this industry, the 9.4 * 4.3 "rotor offers an approx. 20% ~ 25% improvement over the 8.0 * 4.5" rotor without the need to use a heavier motor, which makes the 350 ~ 450 quad helicopter achieves a significantly higher and therefore more powerful lift to transport a camera and gimbal (FPV) configuration.The rotors are carefully dynamically balanced, will never be affected by the jelly effect of your camera with roller shutter in the air The low inertia design allows your flight controller to use a much higher gain value to achieve greater stability and maneuverability at the same time.
9.4 * 4.3 "rotor

2212 engine

Leaders in the multi-rotor industry, these engines have been used worldwide for years in a variety of scenarios with proven reliability.

From magnets to steel, from copper wire to the bearing, we only use the best materials to make the best products. Improved mass production techniques, together with our scientific quality control systems, reduce costs and ensure that our products are more accessible to users. Our new self-tightening mechanism dramatically reduces any possibility of loosening the rotor or incorrectly installed rotors. Assembly and disassembly without tools makes storage and transport much easier.
2212 engine


This new and improved ESC, together with new highly efficient and fast response algorithms, combine to provide a drastic optimization of the motor and rotor parameters, all come together to improve this propulsion system to use an agile thrust that gives it to the aircraft greater maneuverability and stability in the wind and during descent. They also feature an electromagnetic compatibility design with a coaxial cable, which work together to provide a quiet electromagnetic environment for airborne sensors.

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