P0 Watt Meter

P0 Watt Meter

* 1 Days - 19 H Spain.. Other country Ask Sales Dep.
* 1 Days - 19 H Spain.. Other country Ask Sales Dep.


After the birth of P1,we collected many valuable suggestions in half past year. Now we adopted some suggestions and newly-designed new version wattmeter---P0.


We adopted new method for measuring resistance, although the precision isn’t as good as P1(with current sensor inside) ,the P0 is most precise among those use the constantan wire .During the real test, there’s no difference, in the aspect of precision, between P0 and P1 under the condition of small current (below 30A).When the current is large, the error will be within 2%.But most important, the price is very low. We believe you will like this one.

Working Temperature Range: -20 ℃ to 50 ℃ 
Weight:about 57 grams
Dimension: 38x 49x 17mm
Working voltage range:8-30V
Working current range :0-100A(two T-plugs required)

Product Application:
It’s designed to measure the power of electronics.
Advertising High Light:
1. Ultra portable. And light
2. calibration of current's standard
3. Data comparing mode.
4. Manual calibration function built-in
5. Using special current sensor. High precision, low resistance

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