Form to request workshop RMA number:

You only have to send us the EQUIPMENT (without propellers) and the REMOTE CONTROLLER. You should only send the BATTERIES to technical service in case they are in poor condition.



select where you purchased the equipment

Select your equipment from the list

Tell us the date on which you acquired the equipment

Mark each of the items sent to the technical service

describe the problem that your equipment has

Upload files such as purchase invoices, etc.


Place where you want us to send you your product if it is not collected in store.

write here the data to do the billing of your repair


By accepting these conditions, the customer gives authorization to send the material for repair to the factory if necessary without prior notice. The non-acceptance of the budget will entail the payment of a labor hour for the revision, which amount may vary depending on the equipment to be reviewed.

For the withdrawal of any equipment it is necessary to present this document or in its absence an authorization with a copy of the ID of the owner of the same.

All budgets are valid for 30 calendar days from the date of repair or from the communication of the budget, otherwise the technical service will charge the corresponding storage costs, whose rate is € 1 per day plus VAT. The action or right of recovery of the products delivered by the consumer and user to the employer for repair will prescribe after 3 years from the moment of delivery (Art.127,3 of RDL 1/2007 of November 15) ** Only The defective or replaced material will be sent if required by the customer and is not collateral.

You only have to send us the EQUIPMENT (aircraft without propellers) and the remote controller. You only have to send the BATTERIES to RMA in case they are in bad condition.

The company will not be responsible for elements such as SD cards or other accessory elements that are not part of the equipment and that have not been detailed in this RMA form.

check this option if you accept the terms and conditions


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