Flysight multifunction Android Tablet...
Flysight multifunction Android Tablet...
Flysight multifunction Android Tablet...
Flysight multifunction Android Tablet...
Flysight multifunction Android Tablet...
Flysight multifunction Android Tablet...

Flysight multifunction Android Tablet Visoon HD900

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Flysight multifunction Android Tablet Visoon HD900


The first High Definition 2560*1600 multi-screen with HDMI Output /Input & AV In
Optimized for phantom 3/4 live view

Flysight multifunction tablet Visoon HD900
- Super high resolution 9inch tablet with 2560*1600 touch screen
- Resolution 2560*1600 9inch 10point anti glare touchscreen
- Brightness: 500cd/m2
- Contrast: 1200:1
- Operation system: Android 4.4.2

Analog and digital video input. You can connect your portable DVD player,professional camera,Raspberry PI, Zotac
Zbox Pico,Xbox ,PS or FPV equipment via HDMI and use it as a screen for preview. Also possible to connect analogue video
sources like digital camera or video transmitters etc. Unique feature worldwide the analogue video input!Compatible with
DJI Phantom 3/4 / Inspire / Matrice ect.

Ultra thin body, ultimate compact.
Table visoon HD900
HD900 has HDMI input & output,HDCP supported
Unique AV input
2560*1600high resolution touch screen,anti-glare with brightness enhancement
Simply connect your photo or video camera to HD900 via HDMI cable.Live screen for HD cameras like Gopro
Instant live view & footage check

Definition description of HD900 component interface function
1 Charging Indicator 6 HDMI In Interface 11 Power 16 Optional Sensor
2 Built-in MIC 7 HDMI Out interface 12 Rear Camera 17 Front Camera
3 Micro USB interface 8 TF Card Slot 13 Flashlight
4 Earphone interface 9 Volume- 14 Loudspeaker
5 AV IN interface 10 Volume+ 15 Loudspeaker
*Flysight adopts super HD screen and create more useful functions like HDMI in and AV in; It is optimized for phantom 3/4
inspire 1 live view; It was born with perfect sun hood for outdoor use.

The World First HD multifunction tablet with HDMI & AV input
Additional HDMI out for further equipment like video goggles,monitors etc
Very Easy to view your picture as a professional
Almost every photographer wants to be able to show image/video on a high resolution large screen,viewing scene from the
camera’s small screen inconvenient and hard to see the detailed. Currently there
the camera,both have their pros&cons:
1) Filed monitor: too bulky
2) App control: works only with certain models of camera.
Flysight believes there must be a better solution for this,
input,provide the fastest way to check your work immediately. Right after you connect the camera and HD900 with HDMI
cable,your work will display in our 9”,2560*1600 high resolution anti
easier now, without sacrifice the image quality, or adding extra weight in your backpack.

A complete Ready-To-Fly system

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