Montaje y pruebas del sistema...

Montaje y pruebas del sistema integrado (o asistencia a distancia)

Montaje y pruebas del sistema integrado
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Assembly and testing of the integrated system (or remote assistance)


Assembly and testing of the integrated system (or remote assistance)

This service is to help customers of Integrated Systems products to make their systems up and running.

Integrated System usually consists of a drone, UgCS software, SkyHub onboard computer, True Terrain Following system, and some sensor (GPR, magnetometer, echo sounder, methane detector, etc.). The first time setup of such a complex system using only manuals from manufacturers (drone, sensor, various software) may be rigorous and require a long time.

Service may be provided in 2 variants:

  1. remote assistance using video conferencing software (Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc.)

  2. system setup in SPH Engineering office when customer orders the entire system from SPH Engineering, or the customer sends his drone for initial setup of ordered Integrated System components.

Service includes up to 8 hours of service delivered by a qualified SPH Engineering Expert. Initial setup usually takes up to 4 hours depending on the system complexity, and 4 hours are reserved for additional support during the first customer's missions.

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