Inspire 2 Remote Control
Inspire 2 Remote Control
Inspire 2 Remote Control

Inspire 2 Remote Control

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Inspire 2 Standard

With a one-inch sensor and compact design, the Zenmuse X4S makes it easy to capture visually stunning images with the Inspire 2 and the CineCore 2.0 image processing system.

Inspire 2 Professional

The Zenmuse X5S has an improved M4 / 3 sensor that takes pictures of 20.8 MP and records video in Apple ProRes in 5.2K. Compared with the cameras with previous DJI stabilizer, the X5S has a better signal-to-noise ratio and a dynamic range of up to 12.8 steps. With the Cendence remote control and a CrytalSky ultra-bright monitor, the Inspire 2 Professional Pack sets a new standard in aerial image, opening up new creative possibilities.

Inspire 2 Premium

The Premium Pack unleashes the full potential of the Zenmuse X5S camera, which records CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes at 5.2K. The two CIND DJIs included in the pack give enough professional storage space to the filmmakers. In addition, the Cendence remote control can operate in dual mode, and the CrystalSky monitor allows professionals to see their shots clearly even in sunlight. This pack is perfect for recording and professional postproduction.

Inspire 2 Cinema Premium

To meet the demands of the most demanding professional filmmakers, the Zenmuse X7 uses an S35 image sensor and offers 6K CinemaDNG RAW with up to 14 steps of dynamic range. The X7 also opens the DL-Mount, the first integrated mount for aerial targets in the world, which allows switching between the four fixed objectives available quickly and easily. By including five 480GB CINESSD, eight Intelligent Flight Batteries for extended flight time, and the powerful combination of Cendence and CrystalSky, the Inspire 2 Premium Cinema Pack is all you need to make aerial cinema the most high quality.

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