DJI Inspire 1 V2 (T601) + Transmitter...

DJI Inspire 1 V2 (T601) + Transmitter + suitcase

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DJI Inspire 1 V2 with an Emitter + suitcase

Although the Inspire 1 V2.0 provides the same flight time as the Inspire 1, to be compatible with the Zenmuse X5 series, the performance of the propulsion system in the Inspire 1 V2.0 has been greatly improved. These improvements have also required a price alteration. Please, see below for more details.

New propellants
In addition to a change in appearance, the new propellers will use a different mounting and locking mechanism than the current propellers

New engines
The new 3510H engines have 420KV of power, improving flight performance and giving pilots a greater sense of control when comparing the Zenmuse X5 series with the current 350KV 3510 engines.

Design ready to fly

Imagine having the future in your hands. Designed to be powerful while being lightweight, flexible and at the same time providing the stability you need, the Inspire 1 is DJI's most advanced complete package. All the latest air technology is integrated into a simple system, ready to fly, which puts it in the sky in a matter of minutes.
Transformer design

The carbon fiber arms give you the strength to maneuver in the air and transform, moving away from the path of the camera with the simple actuation of a switch. With an unobstructed view of 360, you now have the freedom to capture shots regardless of the direction in which you are flying.

Each part, each component of the Inspire 1 was designed to be durable and lightweight. The aerodynamic design of the body crosses the sky and further improves its control over the plane. This ensures long flight times and a long operating life.


The gimbal and the Inspire 1 camera system can be removed from the aircraft for safe transport and future updates.
New camera and
Gimbal system

Get sharp images with the most advanced DJI camera to date. The gimbal that holds your camera is the result of DJI's years of experience in stabilizing the camera, which provides a smooth and stable image in any flight condition.

• Video: 4K @ 24-30 fps, or 1080p @ 24-60fps,
• Photos: 12 megapixels
• Lens: 9 elements in 9 groups including an aspherical element.
• 1 / 2.3-inch CMOS sensor
• 94⁰ wide-angle FOV
• 3-axis and 360⁰ rotating gimbal
Live HD view

The real-time feed signal from your Inspire 1 camera is displayed in 720p HD on your mobile device, giving you a perfect view of what the camera sees to frame your shots.

This is possible thanks to a totally new and improved version of DJI's Lightbridge technology that can transmit video at a distance of up to 2 km.

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