Zenmuse Z15 3-axis Gimbal Profesional...
Zenmuse Z15 3-axis Gimbal Profesional...
Zenmuse Z15 3-axis Gimbal Profesional...

Zenmuse Z15 3-axis Gimbal Profesional para Canon 5D Mark III

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The Gimbal DJI Zenmuse Z15-Canon 5D Mark (II / III), based on the Zenmuse Z15 technology, is another great advance in gimbal systems, increasing the accuracy up to 5 times. The precision of the angle control is ± 0.02 °, therefore high quality photos and videos are obtained. When used with the new S800 EVO, even when the aircraft is flying at high speed, you can still stabilize and control the camera equipment accurately with the highest level of stability. It is undoubtedly the best option for professional shooting, aerial photography for commercial use.

Exclusive gimbal design for the Canon 5D Mark cameras (II / III)

To perform the gimbal function at its best, DJI provides the exclusive gimbal for the most advanced camera. For example, the Zenmuse Z15 gimbal - Canon 5D Mark (II / III) is customized for this Canon camera. It is an ideal camera for photography and video recording and aerial photography, one of the most used today.

Multiple control modes

The Gimbal Zenmuse system has three types of control modes, which are the lock orientation control mode, the non-blocking mode of the Orientation control and return to midpoint mode (horizontal mode). The three types of modes can be quickly changed from one mode to another to meet the different needs of aerial photography. With the perfect and easy handling of the 3 axes stable Zenmuse gimbal, users can take excellent aerial work.

3 controllable axes

The Gimbal Zenmuse 3-axis system has a creative mechanical design. The control method is simple and easy to use, the range of movement of the joystick controls the speed of relative rotation. The slip rings inside prevent complicated wiring. All power cables and signal lines are integrated into the tubes of the Gimbal, which means that the shaft can rotate without any limitation. Yaw control could reach ± ​​360 °, titl control can reach ± ​​120 ° and roll control could reach ± ​​25

Independent IMU module system

Due to the years of dedication, DJI has achieved for its UAV autopilot systems a perfect stabilized attitude algorithm, which, together with highly accurate induction devices, can improve the performance of attitude control. Without the requirement of additional installations and the connection of additional cables, it is also easy to assemble and can achieve the highest level of stability during the flight.

Special servo control module

Thanks to the special DJI Gimbal Servo transmission module, the Gimbals Zenmuse series has excellent high precision control features. With high precision, low vibration, high torque, this module provides additional quality features.

HDMI-AV module

In order to minimize the payload of the aircraft, the video output module with full functionality, such as camera shutter is adapted to transform the signal from HDMI to AV with clean wiring, ensuring smooth and free movement of the 3-axes of the Gimbal.

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