Osmo RAW Combo

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The filmmakers of the world have a new favorite tool: the Osmo RAW. Equipped with the Zenmuse X5R camera, it is the only portable, film-ready, compact and stabilized film system in the world that allows you to record impressive 4K professional videos in CinemaDNG RAW so that when editing your footage you get exactly the result you were expecting .

Equipped with a powerful MFT sensor, the camera records 4K video at a speed of up to 30 fps and with an average bit rate of 1.7Gbps while the stabilization ball in 3 axes keeps the camera level. Add the DJI Focus, our Follow Focus system and you can control the camera remotely, or do it through the DJI GO application.

Gifts included:

SSD (512GB) × 1

What is included in this combo:


    Osmo - Handgrip × 1

    Zenmuse X5R × 1

    Osmo - X5 Adapter × 1

    Osmo RAW - Carrying case × 1

    Osmo - Universal frame × 1

    Osmo support for the phone × 1

    Osmo - DJI FM-15 × 1 flexible microphone

Osmo RAW Combo