Obstacle Detection Radar SPH
Obstacle Detection Radar SPH

Obstacle Detection Radar SPH

UgCS Radar

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Obstacle Detection Radar for DJI M300 RTK drones

Obstacle detection system for DJI M300 RTK drone, includes sensor, mountings and software support.

Detects obstacles in front of the drone at far distances, range is up to 40m.

Works in any environmental conditions where build-in obstacle sensors on DJI M300 RTK will fail: dark, snow, rain, fog, bright sun.

Triggering distance is configurable in software settings. When any obstacle will be detected inside of set range, RTH (return to home) will be triggered. This is the only robust approach to save your drone in any conditions, including BLOS flights and at the moments where connection with ground station was lost.

The system is engaged automatically starting from set altitude and speed (configurable) to not prevent normal take-off and landings in confined spaces.

Utilizes 77GHz radar sensor.

Weight of the sensor: 90g

Weight including cable, connector and mountings for DJI M300 RTK drone: approx 150g

Requires UgCS SkyHub on-board computer and UgCS ground control software.

HS Code: 90151000 (rangefinders)


It is the customer's responsibility to check the possibility to use a 77Ghz range sensor in a particular country.

Use with UgCS SkyHub on-board computer hardware

Compatible with Matrice 300

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