Prophet Ultimate AM Air monitoring...
Prophet Ultimate AM Air monitoring...

Prophet Ultimate AM Air monitoring Module

Prophet Ultimate
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Prophet Ultimate AM Air monitoring Module

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Product Introduction
1, Turning DJI M210 into Air Pollutant
Monitoring Robot
2, Real time Monitoring air various polluting
components. Such as PM2.5 PM10 PM1.0. O3
+NO2 CO SO2 VOCs CH4 HCL H2S etc.
3, aerial Gas sampling
4, Automatic planning inspection task.
5, Real-time live broadcast in the control center.
6, seamless integrate with DJI M210.
Developped based on DJI enterprise platform.

The flammable and explosive gas detection
adopts the principle of catalytic combustion. It can
detect alkane gas such as hydrogen, methane
and LP with 0~100% LEL level (actively filter
alcoholic substances, no sensitivity), with high
precision, durability and stability. Good, fast
response, linear output features. The instrument
has an adsorbent, which has low cross sensitivity
to organic vapor, good resistance to silicon
compounds, and is more suitable for harsh

Function introduction
1. Automatic routing inspection
2. Aerial waypoints planning
3. 2D grid air pollutant distribution heat map
4. Data output. Mission Report Generation

The basic performance parameters are as follows:

Monitoring items Monitoring Principle Measurement Accuracy
Pm2.5 Laser scattering ±10% (100~500 μg/m3)
Pm ±10 (μg/m3 0~100 μg/m3) 10 Light scattering
Co Electrochemistry Resolution 4 ppb
No2 Electrochemistry Resolution 15 ppb
O3 Electrochemistry Resolution 15 ppb
So2 Electrochemistry Resolution 15 ppb
Vocs PID Resolution 1 ppb
Flammable & explosive
gas Catalytic combustion 0~100%LEL Alkane gas
Temperature Thermistor ±0.1℃
Humidity Humidity resistance ±0.5%

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