Parachute S3 V3 XS with controller
Parachute S3 V3 XS with controller

Parachute S3 V3 XS with controller

Paracaidas S3 V3 XS Completo_P5-BN
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Parachute S3 V3 XS with controller

Impact energy reduction system

Parachute as an impact energy limitation system capable of reducing the impact energy of the aircraft, from flight altitude to the ground, by less than 80J. With activation by means of control with safe actuation on 433 Mhz frequency.

Characteristics (M):

    Tube dimensions: 165x60mm
    Weight: 107gr
    Parachute area: 0,9m².
    Fabric: 111gr
    Material: Technical plastic
    Servo Voltage: 5 volts
    Lines: Paracord (without knot)
    Attachment strap: Paracord 300daN (280 kg / 661.4 lb)


Fast opening: 0.5 to 0.8 sec.

Easy to install, Reusable system, High quality Paracord for all lines, Easy assembly, Safety locking system.

Thanks to its ejection system, the parachute ejects and deploys in less than 1 second, with a deployment height between 3 and 7 meters without applying permanent pressure on the parachute, ensuring safe ejection, rapid deployment and longer parachute life.

Low impact energy:

A new parachute geometry specially developed to offer the lightest and very compact rescue system. Easy and safe maintenance routine, prevents the risk of uncontrolled activation.

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