MAYDAY – Emergency Automated...
MAYDAY – Emergency Automated...
MAYDAY – Emergency Automated...
MAYDAY – Emergency Automated...

MAYDAY – Emergency Automated Parachute Deployment

MAYDAY – Despliegue automático de paracaídas de emergencia
* Out-of-Stock , check the preorder availability of this product with sales dep.

– Stand-alone System with No Pilot Interaction Required
– Programmable
– Ultra Bright LED System for Daylight Use
– Light Weight, Compact and Ready for Flight
– Ready to Pair with Any MARS Parachute Recovery System
– Auto Deployment Functionality
– No Flight Controller Connections Required
– Expands Your Altitude Margins

(1) 9V Battery Power Cable
(1) Usb cable


Exterior Dimensions: 1.5″ x 1.5″ x .5″ (LxWxH)
Input Voltage Range: 3V – 12.6V
Weight: .5 oz. (14g)



MAYDAY – Emergency Automated Parachute Deployment

The MAYDAY system monitors multiple aspects of your aircraft’s flight – watching, waiting and ready to deploy when the slightest anomaly is dedicated. No pilot intervention necessary – the MAYDAY is primed and ready to take control. Safety is part of our modern day world, we are protected, covered and guarded against all manners of danger via electronic systems that watch & wait. Safety is no longer an afterthought, a problem too complex to tackle, or too expensive to afford.

No matter how sophisticated or proven, every seasoned aviator knows a time will come when a failure occurs. The simple question is – “what’s your plan when that day comes?” The MAYDAY is our answer and your backup plan that has you covered when the very worst takes place.

Light in weight and incredibly sophisticated, the MAYDAY is the perfect solution to a multitude of UAV systems on the market today, allowing tried and true genius to take over when all goes wrong. The MAYDAY can be programmed to perform to your servo needs. Pair this with a MARS parachute system, and you will have an extra edge of confidence with every flight you take.

Don’t risk your aircraft or the people below. The MAYDAY system is an ultra low cost solution to an ultra costly nightmare every UAV pilot should utilize.

Gravity will always have a say, but with the MAYDAY at work, gravity never has the last word.


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