Osmo Pocket inpermeable casing
Osmo Pocket inpermeable casing
Osmo Pocket inpermeable casing
Osmo Pocket inpermeable casing

Osmo Pocket inpermeable casing

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General description

The waterproof housing is submersible up to 60 m.

The Osmo Pocket fits precisely inside, avoiding unwanted movements. The waterproof case also includes two brackets for installing it in other equipment. Two buttons on the outside allow to control the Osmo Pocket with great precision.

The antifog inserts prevent the housing from fogging.

Notable features

Submersible up to 60 m.

Includes two mounting brackets for additional accessories.


Make sure the Osmo Pocket is turned off before placing it in the waterproof case.

Make sure the safety ring is tight. DJI does not accept any responsibility for damages or losses caused by the incorrect use of the Osmo Pocket underwater.

The camera can not be adjusted while using the waterproof case.

Make sure that the antifog inserts work correctly. Change the antifog inserts regularly.

Clean the waterproof case after use. Make sure the waterproof housing is clean at all times.

Packing content

Waterproof housing Osmo Pocket × 1

Anti-fog insert Osmo Pocket × 3


Type of integrated battery: LiPo

Battery capacity: 65 mAh

Load temperature range: 5 to 60 ° C

Operating temperature range: 0 to 40 ° C


Size: 169.30 x 72.60 x 80.60 mm

Weight: 110 g

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