DJI T10 Spreading System 3.0

DJI T10 Spreading System 3.0

* 1 Days - 19 H Spain.. Other country Ask Sales Dep.
* 1 Days - 19 H Spain.. Other country Ask Sales Dep.

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DJI T30 Spreading System 3.0

Spreading system 3.0 (10 KG)

Fast switching, efficient spreading

With T10 plant protection drone, the spreading function can be switched in three minutes. The capacity of the spreading box is 10 kg, the optimal sowing width is 7 meters, and 84 mu of seeding per hour can be sown. Real-time weight monitoring, equipped with anti-rotation sensor, no material alarm is more accurate. The protection grade of the whole machine is IP67, which is washable and corrosion-resistant, and is competent for multi-scene sowing operations such as fertilizers, seeds, and feeds. Cooperate with digital agriculture solutions to realize variable spreading and help lose weight and increase income.

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