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Industrial drone resistant to water

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DJI WIND 8 new industrial drone water resistant

Wind series is an INDUSTRIAL DE DJI solution, this series offers infinite possibilities in the industrial field the wind series are equipments that comply with ip56 for industrial use and difficult environments

DJI WIND 8 - Designed for the industrial world and security. Guaranteed redundancy with 8 motors and 2 inertial systems

The DJI Wind 8 is an unmanned aircraft capable of flying with wind speeds between 39 - 49 kmh or 21 - 26 knots, and can fly with rain. This is undoubtedly one of the most expected improvements by users.

Payload: 10 Kg.

E2000 motorization

IP56, resistant to water and dust.

Autonomy of 39 Minutes

A3 Controller

Flexible and professional expansion platform:
The rapid-release expansion platform allows you to build your own flight platform. When assembling the camera, the sensors, the compte unit, the communication device and other equipment. You can easily complete any complicated task.
Carefree integration:
Industrial drones easily remind us of heavy equipment, tedious installation and maintenance, complex configuration and imperfect solution. Now, forget about everyone. Born for industrial applications, all in one, DJI Wind 4 makes it possible to start the operation in the air in a matter of seconds.
Robust industrial materials and long battery life
The body frame of the aircraft is made of lightweight and compact industrial materials to withstand up to 5 degrees of wind and adapt to temperatures ranging from -10 ° C to + 50 ° C.
The propulsion system is so powerful that the aircraft can take off with a maximum weight of 21 kg. The dual battery compartments allow two large capacity batteries to be used at the same time. It can reach a flight time of 39 minutes

Military type suitcase, hard and resistant.

This waterproof and hermetic suitcase with a layer of EVA foam inside protects DJI Wind 8 and its accessories well.

- Size: 1471 mm (L) x 1471 mm (W) x 482 mm (H)
- Weight: kg.

The DJI Wind 8 can reach these flight times thanks to the use of 1 or 2 DZ-22000 battery. It has a maximum take-off weight of 26 Kg with DZ-22000 batteries, which means a maximum payload of 10 Kg.

Thanks to its ability to fly with wind and rain, it can be used in all conditions.

The DJI Wind 8 is made up of a very rigid structure made from carbon tubes, a central square box to house all the electronic components, a rainproof E2000 housing like the motors. It has a total span of 1520mm.

The DJI Wind 8 is designed specifically for the industrial and security markets, especially with the Zenmuse X3 / Z3 / XT / X5 / X5R / Z30 just released with zoom capabilities

Compatible Battery:

- DZ-22000

Compatible with devices:
Zenmuse: X3 / Z3 / XT / X5 / X5R / Z30
Manifold: A high-performance integrated computer to collect and analyze the date in real time on air.
Guidance: A visual detection system to allow a drone to automatically avoid collision.
Obstacles: Other third-party devices: detector, reflector, etc.

Full support for SDK development
DJI Wind 2 has several interfaces to meet the demands of industrial applications. CAN and UART, the trailer power expansion interfaces are reserved for hardware integration. Through custom commands, the aircraft can be controlled and monitored, and the flight operation can be performed automatically. It is no longer necessary to worry about the complex configuration of drones!

Sdk interface: 2x UART
Power supply: 1x XT60 connector, 2x XT30 connector
CAN: 2x CAN-Bus
Connection to the DJI Assistant: Micro USB

It includes:

1x Wind 8
1x Transport case type peli, closed hermeticamenta and resistant hard plastic.


2x Battery (DZ-22000)
1x DJI MG smart charger (the same as that of the Agras)

• Diagonal Distance 1520mm
• Weight 8.5kg (with no battery)
• Max Takeoff Weight 26 kg
• Max Payload Weight 10 kg (with 2 DZ-22000mAh batteries)
• Propulsion System E2000 Customized Version
• Adaption platform for third-party device Quick-release
• Basic Configuration IMU * 2, GPS * 1
• Structure Foldable arms
• Hovering Time 39 min (with 2 MG-12000mAh batteries)
• Hovering Accuracy Vertical: ± 0.5 m, Horizontal: ± 1.5 m
• Max Angular Velocity Yaw: 150 ° / s
• Max Pitch Angle 25 °
• Max Ascent Speed ​​5 m / s
• Max Descent Speed ​​3 m / s
• Max Wind Resistance 10m / s
• Max Speed ​​15 m / s
• Dimension of Drone (folded) 780mm * 780mm * 482mm
• Dimension of Drone (unfolded) 1471mm * 1471mm * 482mm

Diagonal Wheelbase


Weight (with DZ-22000mAh battery)


Max Takeoff Weight


Max Payload (with DZ-12000mAh battery)


3rd Party Equipment Installation Platform

With mounts

GPS Adoption Method


Basic Configuration

A3 * 1, IMU * 2, GPS * 1

Folding Method

Folded downward

Landing Gear


Propulsion System

Motor Model


Propeller Model


ESC Model


Operating Temperature

-10 to 50 ° C


Hovering Accuracy (safe flight, 1 GPS, not RTK)

Vertical: ± 0.5m

Horizontal: ± 1.5m

Max Angular Velocity

150 ° / s

Max Pitch Angle

25 °

Max Ascent Speed

5m / s

Max Descent Speed

4m / s

Max Wind Resistance

10m / s

Max Speed

15m / s


SDK Ports

Onboard SDK / Mobile SDK




And it is

Spec Adjustment


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