E5000 - 2880 folding propeller +...

E5000 - 2880 folding propeller + Folding propeller adapter (CWW)

E5000 - 2880 folding propeller + Folding propeller adapter (CWW)
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E5000 - 2880 folding propeller + folding propeller adapter (CW)

The 2880 28-inch propellers are made of Ultra Carbon Pro, an advanced composite material with high strength and stiffness and weight ratio, which ensures that aircraft respond to control inputs quickly, regardless of size. These propellers are combined with the M10 engines to give the E5000 its nominal load capacity of 4.5-6.0kg / shaft and a maximum thrust of up to 13.2kg / rotor (50V, sea level).

Diameter / thread pitch: 28 × 8 inches (711 × 203 mm)
Weight (simple propeller): 152

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