DJI FPV Lens Protector
DJI FPV Lens Protector
DJI FPV Lens Protector

DJI FPV Lens Protector

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DJI FPV Lens Protector


General description

Protect the camera lens during the flight. The metal protector, the tempered glass lens protection and the lens glass are all removable. The metal shield can be mounted with screws on the camera body.

Outstanding features

Modular design for simple assembly and disassembly.


Lightweight design

Only the two camera screws that are not covered by tamper glue can be removed. If the screws covered by anti-tamper glue are removed, the official DJI warranty will be invalidated.

Packaging Content

Metal lens protector × 1

Crystal protection × 2


Dimensions: 25 × 25 × 12.7 (metal guard, aluminum alloy processed with CNC and treated with rusted sandblasting), Diameter 23.8 × 0.8 (Objective)


DJI FPV camera

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