DJI FPV Aerial Unit - Antenna (MMCX...
DJI FPV Aerial Unit - Antenna (MMCX...
DJI FPV Aerial Unit - Antenna (MMCX...

DJI FPV Aerial Unit - Antenna (MMCX Elbow) PART03

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General description

Long range LHCP antenna with high resistance to interference, with a small and light MMCX joint.

Outstanding features

Long reach, small size, light weight and very resistant.


Keep the antennae of the aerial unit at least 40 mm apart from each other.

Keep the air unit away from metal objects or carbon fiber structures.

Make sure you are in a place where the transmission is not obstructed during the flight.

The DJI FPV Aerial Unit is equipped with ports for MMCX antennas. The port (the internal pin) is small. To remove the antenna, hold the aerial unit with one hand and gently remove the antenna with the other, making sure you do it horizontally.

Please note that if you remove the antenna incorrectly, you can cause the internal pin to break and the collar to fall or be damaged.

Packaging Content

Aerial of the DJI FPV (MMCX) Aerial Unit × 2


VSWR <2 Frequency range: 5.4 GHz - 6GHz, gain of 2.75 db and axle ratio of beam width at 5.8 GHz of 3 dB

Size: 12.7 × 12.7 × 80mm

Weight: 3.9g


DJI FPV air unit

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