DJI Action 2 Remote Control...
DJI Action 2 Remote Control...
DJI Action 2 Remote Control...
DJI Action 2 Remote Control...

DJI Action 2 Remote Control Extendable Arm

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DJI Action 2 Remote Control Extendable Arm

General Description.

Portable and lightweight, this multifunctional accessory is handy to take with you on any adventure. This versatile accessory serves as a selfie stick, tripod and detachable remote control, and greatly expands your shooting possibilities. It can remotely control up to 8 sets of Action 2, and the quick-release grip is very easy to hold.


Integrates an extendable arm, a tripod and a detachable remote control. Take a group selfie, control the Action 2 remotely and shoot steady video. All with the extendable remote control arm.


1. DO NOT let the product come into contact with any kind of liquid. DO NOT leave the product in the rain or near a source of moisture.

2. Use the product in environments with temperatures between -10 to 45 °C (14 to 113 °F).

DO NOT leave the product near heat sources, such as an oven or heater. DO NOT leave the product inside a vehicle on hot days. DO NOT store the product in environments above 45 °C (113 °F). The ideal storage temperature is 22 to 28 °C (71.6 to 82.4 °F).

4. DO NOT store the battery for an extended period of time after fully discharging it. Otherwise, the battery may over-discharge and suffer irreparable damage.

5. Fully charge and discharge the battery at least once every three months to ensure proper performance.

Package Contents

DJI Action 2 Remote Control Extendable Arm × 1


DJI Remote Controller Model: BTC01

Extendable arm weight: 110 g

DJI remote controller weight: 11 g

Extendable arm size: 30 × 34 × 165 mm (unfolded: 378 mm)

DJI remote controller size: 36.5 × 27.5 × 19 mm (unfolded: 378 mm)

Bluetooth protocol: BLE5.0

Operating frequency: 2.400-2.4835 GHz

Transmitting power (EIRP): ≤8 dBm

Internal battery

Battery type: Li-ion (65 mAh at 3.7 V)

Charging type: Connected to USB-C port (5 V)

Charging time: 55 minutes

Operating time: 5 hours

Charging temperature: 5 to 45 °C (32 to 113 °F)

Operating temperature: -10 to 45 °C (14 to 113 °F)


DJI Action 2

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