DJI Controller A2 + iOSD II Combo +...
DJI Controller A2 + iOSD II Combo +...
DJI Controller A2 + iOSD II Combo +...

DJI Controller A2 + iOSD II Combo + data link 2.4G + BT with GPS Pro Plus

* 1 Days - 19 H Spain.. Other country Ask Sales Dep.
* 1 Days - 19 H Spain.. Other country Ask Sales Dep.


A2 DJI Professional Controller + iOSD II Combo + data link 2.4G + BT with GPS Pro Plus

DJI is pleased to announce a new muti-rotor controller, which is called the A2.
 the A2 sticks closely to the tradition of captivating customers with advanced features of DJI, but also innovates
drastically in a couple of key areas, which DJI hopes will give you an edge over the competition.

Differentials with WK

1.High -end of the high-end
Inherited from the controller technology of the Wookong series of the DJI, the A2 that offers a new flight.
two . It maintains the precision in extreme conditions.
With the new GPS module of new generation, the rotor will have the most accurate position and height lock, even
in the semi-closed environment.
3 . High precision and anti-vibration characteristics

By going through the accuracy is improved by the updated IMU whose anti-vibration feature is significantly
improved. With the A2, flying a multi-rotor will be as easy as driving a car.

4. Internal receiver Desst 2.4ghz
The A2 has a 2.4 GHz Desst receiver built-in which greatly simplifies the complexity of the system and improves the
the security of the remote control system

The A2 is compatible with the following receivers:
 Futaba FASST
 JR / SPEKTRUM receiver with bidirectional satellite interface DSM2
 Futaba S -Bus Receiver with S -BUS interface
 traditional receiver with DJI adapter module DBUS

5 . Extension capacity:
The A2 is equipped with a minimum of twelve output channels, which allows users to greatly extend the advantages of the A2.

6 Configuring parameters using iOS
The A2 provides auxiliary software for iOS devices (Bluetooth 4.0). You can adjust the parameters at any time
your mobile device, using only an LED indicator with a built-in Bluetooth module, which makes it easier and
convenient. Use low-power Bluetooth to minimize the power consumption of your mobile device. It is easy
to use and automatically save your last connection records. The password mechanism ensures that your link is
safe . The parameters can be automatically synchronized with the cloud server and can be restored immediately
when you change your mobile device

7 Improved Energy Management Unit
The power management unit (PMU) is updated for the A2 to solve the high power consumption. contains
two power outputs for the entire A2 system and the separate receiver, a battery voltage monitor, and two CANBus

8 Dual CAN System -Bus
The A2 system has a CAN-double bus design, which means that the data flow of the system will double and
the extensibility is improved.

10 Advanced usage characteristics
 Engine test mode
 Power block when the assistant software is connected
 inverted Nose -In Return- to-Home
 HOME point / instruction
 Compass error alarm.

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