DJI E2000 1240S ESC

DJI E2000 1240S ESC

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The ESC 1240S is based on a sinusoidal architecture and advanced and patented algorithms that help the engine respond quickly and accurately to the pilot's orders. Users can assign colors to the internal LED *, which indicates in real time the status of the propulsion system during operation. The included dual communication port allows the ESC firmware to be updated easily *.

* These functions require an upgrade tool that is sold separately and is configured using the DJI ESC Assistant. Please refer to the E2000 user manual for more information.

Maximum Permissible Voltage: 52.2 V
Admissible Maximum Current (Continuous): 25 A
Maximum Current Peak: (3 sec) 40 A
PWM Input Signal Level: 3.3 V / 5 V Compatible
Operating Impulse Width: from 1120 to 1920 μs
Signal Frequency: from 30 to 450 Hz
Battery: 12S LiPo
Dimensions: 85 mm x 44 mm x 18 mm
Cable length: 750 mm
Weight (without cables): 55 g
Weight (with cables): 90 g

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